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Pomponio Construction Inc
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About The Company

Pomponio Construction Inc. was founded in 1968 by Nick Pomponio.  Often with no more than a handshake, Nick went from one job to the next, building an impressive array of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings throughout the Detroit area. Anyone who knows or has worked with Nick will agree that he is one of the hardest working men they have ever met.  Nick established a firm foundation for our company to grow on.

As time went on, Sandy Pomponio (Nick's wife)  played an increasing role in the operation. Jobs became more complex, contracts took the place of handshakes, and the number of employees was on the rise.  She is the point person for finances and estimating .

In 1997, Joe Pomponio (Nick's son) decided to leave the engineering field and join the company full time.  Since his arrival, the company has been able to significantly increase its capacity and further its technical expertise.  He stays mostly in the field and monitors all aspects of all jobs underway.

Pomponio Constrcution Inc. is truly a family business. 


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